October 30, 2009

L.A. Colors Intense Collection Part I

This is the scariest color I have ever worn! I know some of you are going to love this one but I was actually embarrassed to go out in public with this on my nails. All of my friends and family agree that this is NOT a color for me. I was pretty sure I wouldn't like it but my nails needed to be painted in a hurry so I could join my sister for dinner and this color needed to be swatched. AAAAGGGHHHHH! It was the first thing everyone noticed. Even one of Will's friends came over and immediately commented on it before even saying hello. I didn't get to take it off before I saw him the next day and this very sweet guy said, "April, you're still wearing it." with a vague look of horror.
This came in a set I picked up from Gordman's for $4. Four different colors with no names. I'll show you the rest soon. I'm not sure what to call this color, maybe SUPER BRIGHT neon coral with some shimmer.

Have any of you ladies ever tried a color that was just so not you it was scary?
Thanks for reading!

October 28, 2009


I love Halloween! I want to know what you ladies are going to do this year.

Are you dressing up yourself? Your pets? Your children? I want pictures of any costumes that you thought turned out great.
Carving pumpkins?
Decorating your house for trick or treaters?

If you want to dress up, but are stuck for ideas, Beauty Newbie has tons of MAC Halloween facecharts. I did a simplified version of the very last one a couple of years ago and I really loved the effect. Plus it only took about 10 minutes and was easy to maintain throughout the day.

I also had the third annual pumpkin carving party at my house over the weekend. The results were awesome. I wasn't feeling inspired, but Ashley told me she would dump the rotten pumpkin guts on me if I didn't carve one. (One of Ashley's pumpkins was really gross and smelly for some reason.) So I just did the fastest thing I could think of. I still think he is cute though.

My awesome boyfriend Will is a pumpkin carving master! These are all his.

He used power tools to help create last years Parasite Pumpkin!

And this year he went all out and made a pumpkin that shoots blood out of it's head! (it has a fountain pump)

Thanks for reading ladies and please send me photos of your pumpkins and costumes! They make me happy!

October 9, 2009

7 Choices Tag

We were tagged by Naive Nails & Amarena's Blog and the color was blue both times!
April couldn't find 7 blue things she wanted to put up, so I'm doing this one by myself.

1. Weights - I bought these a couple of years ago from Target and never use them. I think I get pretty good excercise lifting and shelving books all day though.

2. Clock - It goes in my kitchen.

3.Tote bag - Another Target purchase

4. Pepsi - I always have pepsi!

5. Glass Hand - This is one of my favorite items. It's from a store called Pryde's in Kansas City. They sell Kitchen and Home Goods. We think it's a holder for your rings when you're doing the dishes.

6. Globe - This came from an awesome antique store in Kansas City. There were at least 4 floors. It took us a long time to get through it and I know there was still a lot of stuff to see.

7. Jacket - One of my favorite jackets. And it also came from Target!


October 8, 2009

Universal Classic Monsters Halloween Nails

We wanted to do something a little different for our entries into Sasse's Halloween Contest. We took our inspiration from Universal Studios Classic Monster movies. These monsters are so famous they even have their own USPS stamp set!

Here are the three we chose. Wolf Man, Frankenstein, & Dracula.

First up we have Ashley's Frankenstein nails. Monster green (acrylic) with stitches and neck bolts.

Next we have my Dracula nails. I used my new favorite Zoya Gaia for a pearly white fang background. Then added dripping blood, fang bites and a little tuxedo just like Bela Lugosi's.

Last and definitely the scariest, we have Will's Wolf Man pedicure. You may remember Will from his previous adventures with nail polish. Believe me this is even scarier! One foot has a simple starry night with a full moon. The other foot he decorated with a self stick MUSTACHE!

I hope you aren't too traumatized!

There is an awesome girl here in Tulsa who makes sweet paintings. Since they went so well with our theme, I thought I would show you a couple. You can purchase these and tons of music themed prints in Point Blank Design's Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading!

October 5, 2009

Tulle Clothing

This is a non-related nail polish post today. For the record we have never received any freebies or payment of any kind from this website. We wanted to tell everybody about our favorite online clothing store - Tulle4Us.com. April found this website through one of her most trusted blogs, Lifehacker about 6 months ago in their Gadget & Gear Deals of the Day post. We saw a red pea coat for $6.99 and Ashley decided to get one since they have FREE RETURN SHIPPING! This purchase far exceeded our hopes, great quality, nice fabric, and as you can see below the coat is gorgeous ! $6.99! We signed up for Tulle's newsletter and discovered that the first Tuesday of every month is Tulle's Day, a 24 hour sale with a small assortment of their beautiful clothes at ridiculously low prices.

We've purchased things every month since then and are continually amazed by the super nice quality and unique styling. Our only wish is that their pants and skirts came in larger sizes! Now all three Brooks sisters look forward to this sale with baited breath. Yes there are 3 of us, April, Alisa & Ashley! We just haven't been able to get Alisa to start wearing nail polish. Yet.

Here are just a few of our favorite items! We could spend a few days taking pictures of all of the amazing things we've gotten. Let us know if you want to see more! And check out the sale which starts tonight at midnight PST. They will have 11 items priced between $5.99 & $8.99. The sale is not advertised on the website. Just go to the sale section and sort by price with lowest price first and you will find the super specials. Check out the rest of the site as well!
Thanks for reading.

This red coat was the first purchase. I love it a lot.
It's so well made and it only cost me $11 including shipping!

We call these the Art Deco shirts.

April & I wearing our matching dresses, which we would never do in real life. These dresses have pockets! Yay!

Puff sleeves! Lots of Tulle's shirts have them and we think they are very flattering.

The gingham shirt came in black and green and of course I got both colors.
I love them both a lot and have already worn them quite a bit.

April is wearing her favorite Tulle purchase in this one. Crazy dress! We think it looks super expensive.

October 4, 2009

Finally, 10 facts about us.

Sorry it took us so long to get this post done. We're busy girls. We were tagged to do a "10 random facts about us" post by Lacquer Lane and Nivipa.
Since there's two of us we're going to just do 5 each.
1. I love my dog Wally-Thor (a.k.a. Wally, Wobbles, & Wobblers) . I found him on the street. He had a rope tied around his neck, no fur on his back half and he had been abused. I didn't even think I liked dogs and now he is my favorite thing in the whole world!

Wally a few days after I found him.

And now he's the happiest dog!

2. I am in the process of starting my own concrete design business. Here's a picture of me mixing concrete. You can check out our stuff here.

3. I'm 6' tall but still love to wear heels. Here's my current favorite pair.

4. I have arranged my closet with all bottoms (pants, skirts, dresses, jeans) on one side and tops on the other. Everyday I put on the first bottom and then start trying on the first top. Now of course, not every shirt goes with every top; I go through 10 shirts and if none will work, I move on to the next bottom in the queue. I don't have to think about what I want to wear very hard with this method. I also cycle through all of my clothes frequently which saves me from having a bunch of unworn items just hanging around. If you don't like to decide what to wear in the morning or you always have unused clothes in your closet, give it a try!

5. I've always been a picky eater. I have an issue with textures. I've never eaten seafood and probably never will. I'm much better now at trying stuff than I used to be, but still not adventurous. Everybody thinks I'm strange because I mutilate my eggs when I cook them. I have to chop them up a lot and I like them browned. I'll never be able to go to a restaurant and order scrambled eggs.

6. I am a huge fan of soccer. Especially watching the English Premiership. April and I went to the World Cup in 2006. We spent two weeks in Rome and two weeks in Germany where the world cup was taking place. Two of my favorite teams are Manchester United and the Portuguese National Team. It makes me really sad because I don't get to watch it much anymore since I don't have cable and I work a lot. I try to follow it online as much as possible though.

7. Jewelry and shoes are two of my favorite items. If I had lots of money I would have tons! I would like to start making jewelry in the future. I have lots of ideas for designs.

8. Purchasing a car has never been a major priority for me so far. I live just a few minutes from where I work, so I'm able to walk and ride the bus just about everywhere. And I love it. I would like to live in a city that has better public transportation though. I recently acquired a bike, and I'm going to start riding it to work.

April & Ashley
9 & 10. This one applies to the both of us.
We love Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter. It's probably not a stretch to say that it's kept both of us alive over the years since we're such picky eaters. We even took a jar with us to Europe!

October 2, 2009

Sinful Colors - Hottie

This is a polish April bought, but couldn't wear because of her stained nails.
She had me put it on to see what it looked like. I'm not a big fan of glitters. It was fun while I was wearing it though.
This is three coats and was very easy to apply.
It's a cornflower blue base with pastel blue, pink and green glitter that flashes silver.
April is anxiously awaiting the day when her nails are no longer stained so she can wear Sinful Colors Hottie!