December 29, 2009

China Glaze LOL & A Giveaway Roundup

I know everyone has seen this one before, but I just wore it again the other day and I sure do love it! This is a great polish if you need to get out the door in a hurry, but still need to have fabulous nails. I can get away with one coat if I'm careful and it's totally dry in a minute or two. Has anyone compared China Glaze LOL to the Color Club Wild At Heart purple holo? These are old pictures back when it was warm and sunny.

Here's an indoor shot. Even though the holo isn't as noticeable inside, it's still a lovely shade purple.

This was my second or third Konad attempt. I might redo this for New year's Eve.

My first video!

Giveaway Roundup!

I love Giveaways! One of my readers won the Clear Creek Lavender giveaway on facebook and I just won an incredible bracelet from Spexton and Chic Galleria!
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December 16, 2009

American Apparel Launches Nail Polish Line!

We received an email today announcing the launch of a brand new nail polish line from the uber-hip American Apparel. 18 creme shades, big 3 free (they list the ingredients right up front!), 0.5oz bottles for $6, that can be purchased here. Look at those colors ladies!! The initial 18 shades are exactly what we would expect from American Apparel: edgy, modern, & intriguing! How refreshing to see a company launch with such a wide range of colors instead of just a million reds and pinks! Here is a link to a company spokesperson talking about the launch.

We have an extensive collection of American Apparel T-shirts by way of Threadless and we love every one of them. What about you? Do you have any experience with the American Apparel brand?

Let's talk about the colors; from what I can tell they are all cremes. This line looks like it was made for Ashley who loves cremes! They have great names and we're having a hard time deciding which we would choose. Two new greens, three blues and a gray! We are also curious about Cotton, Manila and Palm Springs.

How do you feel about this new line? Which are you looking forward to trying? Let us know!
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April & Ashley

December 14, 2009

Maybelline Blue Aluminum & A Giveaway Roundup

This is another of my Dollar Tree finds and I love it! The finish is a cross between a metallic and suede. Maybelline Blue Aluminum looks like a super shiny chrome in bright light or from a distance, but up close and in low light, the finish is very similar to O.P.I.'s Suede collection. A beautiful and extremely unique icy blue! This is 2 coats. It was a little gloopy but still pretty easy to apply. This polish dries super fast! I went to sleep within 20 minutes with no topcoat didn't mess it up at all. It dries to the touch in a minute or two. Wish I'd been able to find a back up of this beauty! The first picture shows the suede finish. The second is me trying to get a shot of the polish looking metallic. Please feel free to make fun of my "I'm concentrating really hard on not moving my hands" face.

Giveaway Roundup!
  • Win a Popcorn Snowman Snack Assortment from The Dirty T Shirt. Ends 12/15.
  • Win a set of 10 Truffle Bars from Seattle Chocolates and Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 12/15.
  • Win a Price Pfister faucet from TicTacDough! Ends 12/15.
  • Win a Serene Bath & Body Store Holiday Gift Basket from Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 12/15.
  • Win an unbelievably cute necklace from Enchanted Leaves and Down and Out Chic. Ends 12/15. (Check out Down & Out Chic's Blog even if you don't enter the giveaway! One of my new favorites.)
  • Win a 10" Xtrema Ceramcor Skillet from Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 12/18.
  • Win a $75 gift certificate to Red Envelope from Sweeps4Bloggers!!! Ends 12/19.
  • Win an Oogave Natural Soda prize package (including Watermelon Cream flavor!) from Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends 12/20.
  • Win the apron of your choice from Boojiboo and CoolCanucks. Ends 12/29.
  • Win a Tassimo Beverage Maker from Southern Hospitality. Ends 12/31.
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December 12, 2009

Clear Creek Lavender Review & Giveaway

Clear Creek Lavender is a small, certified organic lavender farm near my hometown, Tulsa Oklahoma. Chris and Denise are the owners, planters, harvesters, and product makers; they do it all themselves! They make a small range of lovely products including shea butter, lip balm and a variety of soaps which can be purchased here.

Many of my Tulsa friends and I swear by the Lavender Lip Balm ($3).
I recently won a bar of their handmade Lavender Buds Soap ($5) and it is simply spectacular!
My favorite of their products that I have tried so far is their Lavender Shea Butter ($10). I have been using it for about a year now, a little goes a long way. The smell is incredible and it works great for dry cuticles!
Here is a picture of my soap and my shea butter.

For any of you ladies who love to cook they also sell culinary lavender. From their website: "We grow Munstead lavender for culinary use. If you've had lavender in something and didn't like it, perhaps it was something other than a Munstead variety. Anything else is usually too strong, and you feel like you've bitten into a bar of lavender soap. We combine our lavender with sugar, coarse salt, or cracked black pepper."

I love to support folks who have the guts to go for their dreams! Clear Creek Lavender's products are very well priced and they have a nice selection of gift packages as well. These make great stocking stuffers and hostess gifts.

Did I mention that Chris and Denise are also warm and funny? U.S. readers be sure and enter their current Facebook giveaway. Become and fan and then guess what number they are thinking of (it's between 57 and 183). The prize is a set of their Lavender Shea Butter and Lip Balm! Hurry though, you only have until high noon Sunday (Okie time CST).

Thanks for reading and good luck!

December 7, 2009

Orgasm Slipery Slope (Most Embarrasing Nail Polish Name Ever)

Seriously, DO NOT do a Google image search for this one ladies! Especially at work!
This very pretty yellow gold. Not a color i like with my skintone though. You do have to be careful of brushstrokes, but the nice brush and formula make that pretty easy to do. I ended up with an almost smooth super metallic finish. This is 3 coats.