October 18, 2010

Weekly Giveaway Roundup

I love giveaways. Each week I'll post giveaways that I think are awesome! I'm trying to catch any giveaway that has nail polish & I always post them on the Monday before they close. I figure some publicity towards the end of the entry period is a good idea, so don't worry that I've forgotten yours if I don't post it immediately! On the other hand, I know that I will occasionally miss a giveaway or two. If I miss yours, please know that it was accidental and nothing personal!


  • Also Known As is giving away Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas! Ends 10/19.
  • Nail Fanatic is giving away 3 ManGlaze polishes!! Ends 10/20.
  • Magic Maid is giving away Nail Fraud stickers! 3 winners!! Ends 10/20.
  • Persistently Polished is giving away MAC Bad Fairy! Ends 10/20.
  • Fab Gab Blog is giving away a goody bag filled with Revlon products including two polishes! Ends 10/21.
  • Biba's Beauty Corner is giving away Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet & Essence Jungle Drum! Ends 10/21
  • Also Known As is giving away Kiss limited edition Halloween packages!! 7 winners!!! Ends 10/21.
  • Nail Polish M.D. is giving away the Borghese Tutti Dolce set! Ends 10/21. Only 5 entries so far for this great giveaway!!
  • Frou Frou Fashionista is giving away OPI Pink of Hearts and lots more!! 2 winners!! Ends 10/21.
  • Sweet Sugar is giving away GOSH Holographic & China Glaze Emerald Sparkle! Ends 10/22.
  • Magic Maid is giving away the BB Couture Infamous Lovers Men Collection!!! Ends 10/22.
  • PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures is giving away 17 polishes and a cute Olympic mascot doll!! Ends 10/22.
  • CucumPear's Onyx Phalanx is giving away 17 polishes and more!! Ends 10/23.
  • My Lucid Bubble is giving away MAC Bad Fairy! Ends 10/23.
  • Colores de Carol is giving away 16 polishes!! Ends 10/24.
  • Polished Love Affair is giving away Hello Kitty nail stickers! 3 winners! Ends 10/24.
  • Lunatikitty is giving away 4 Revlon limited edition glitter topcoats! Ends 10/24.
  • Mirannie's Nails is giving away 4 gorgeous polishes to one winner and 5 different gorgeous polishes to another winner! Ends 10/24.
  • Cheeky Beauty is giving away tons of beauty goodies! 3 winners!! Ends 10/24.
  • Magic Maid is giving away the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collections and much, much more!! Ends 10/25.
  • Also Known As is giving away a $25 Apothica GC! Ends 10/25.
  • Polish Freshie is having a Halloween themed contest! Entries must be received by 10/21.
  • Alternative Consumer is giving away your choice of skincare oils from Melvita! 3 winners!! Ends 10/20.
  • Down and Out Chic is giving away $100 G to Wallflower Vintage!! Ends 10/19.
  • Blushing Noir is giving away a nail polish bracelet from Ginger Kitty Designs! Ends 10/20.
  • Alternative Consumer is giving away Keds Organic Champions Shoes! 2 winners!! Ends 10/25.
  • Reviewed By Mom is giving away an under the desk heater! Great for blogging during the winter! Ends 10/21.
Please feel free to post your giveaways in the comments of the Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts! Let's keep them all on these posts and not on regular posts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey April! I'm going to be having another CSN $45 GC that starts tomorrow - the posting isn't live yet, but I did want to thank you so much for all the blog exposure you give out!

  2. Thank you for posting about my giveaway! :)

  3. ou, your blog is really interesting :D i like it !!

    if you want, follow me ! :** <3


  4. Awesome! I am having another polish giveaway, here's the link :)


  5. Hi there :)
    Thanks for posting about my give away :-)

    It's closing soon - so exciting.


  6. Hi i am doing a giveaway and please post this onto your blog!!

    thank you