December 28, 2014

Christmas Layering With Sinful Holiday Rebel & A DIY Krampus

Christmas isn't over on the 25th at my house. We always have at least a few present opening sessions since everyone can't be here at the same time. I'm still wearing a pretty layering combination that's perfect for the holiday season. Sation I'm With The Bandana is one of my all time favorite polishes and I topped it with one coat of Sinful colors Holiday Rebel. Holiday Rebel has small green glitter and medium red hex glitter in a clear base. A subtle holiday look that I really like.
 Gremlins is a Christmas movie right?
We made our own Krampus by modifying a moose dog toy. We taped up his antlers with black electrical tape & gave him a homemade switch. Then we added some evil yellow eyes and a curly long tongue made from craft foam, then mean eyebrows made with a black pipe cleaner for the final touch. I love him!
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