July 13, 2010

Weekly Giveaway Roundup

I love giveaways. Each week I'll post giveaways that I think are awesome! I'm trying to catch any giveaway that has nail polish & I always post them on the Monday before they close. I figure some publicity towards the end of the entry period is a good idea, so don't worry that I've forgotten yours if I don't post it immediately! On the other hand, I know that I will occasionally miss a giveaway or two. If I miss yours, please know that it was accidental and nothing personal!

  • Nail-ing Life Online is buying the winner of her giveaway some polishes! Happy Birthday Samantha! I think this one ends tonight!
  • Babbling Brooke's FREAKING HUGE giveaway ends tomorrow. Check in all day tomorrow for even more prizes every other hour!
  • Nails Beautiqued is giving away 2 BB Coutures! Ends 7/14.
  • The Hungry Asian is giving away 17 polishes and more! Ends 7/14.
  • PureBeauty is giving away 4 China Glaze polishes & more! Ends 7/15.
  • Kitty Loves Color is giving away 17 polishes! Ends 7/16.
  • Nail Talez & More is giving away all 21 Bundle Monster fauxnad plates! Ends 7/16.
  • Parokeets is giving away more polishes than I can count! Ends 7/18.
  • Beauty Judy is giving away 11 polishes and lots more! Ends 7/18.
  • Pimp My Nails is giving away 2 Hello Kitty polishes and lots more Hello Kitty goodies! Ends 7/20.
  • Beatknits is giving away a lovely pair of fingerless gloves! Ends 7/15.
  • Wee Waldorf is giving away a gorgeous set of Rainbow Twig Pencils! Ends 7/15.
  • The Zhush is giving away a $60 CSN Stores gift card! Ends 7/16.
  • Body & Soul is giving away a Misiko Hana Ceramic Flat Iron! Ends 7/17.
  • Classy & Fabulous is giving away a $60 CSN Stores gift card! Ends 7/18.
Please feel free to post your giveaways in the comments of the Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts! Let's keep them all on these posts and not on regular posts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. It is awesome that you do this for your followers. you now have a new follower. :)

  2. this is a great idea. thanks for the round-up!