July 19, 2010

Weekly Giveaway Roundup

I love giveaways. Each week I'll post giveaways that I think are awesome! I'm trying to catch any giveaway that has nail polish & I always post them on the Monday before they close. I figure some publicity towards the end of the entry period is a good idea, so don't worry that I've forgotten yours if I don't post it immediately! On the other hand, I know that I will occasionally miss a giveaway or two. If I miss yours, please know that it was accidental and nothing personal!

I recently discovered Giveaway Scout which is a great place to list your own giveaways and find TONS more. Their facebook page shoes you giveaways with high value prizes and their twitter feed lets you know about the Giveaway Scout's hand-picked favorites.

  • Nail Fairy is having 3 giveaways! Check out her site for more details.
  • Joysauce is giving away 8 nail polishes and lots more! Ends 7/20, open internationally.
  • Frazzle and Aniploish is giving away 3 sets of 4 Blue Cross Mood polishes! Ends 7/22, open internationally.
  • Inside of My Purse is giving away a China Glaze Goodie Box! Ends 7/23.
  • Nails, Etc is giving away 9 nail polishes and more! Ends 7/25, open internationally.
  • Fleur's Nails & Stuff is giving away 8 nail polishes! Ends 7/25, open internationally.
  • The Hungry Asian is giving away Lancome mascara and bronzer! Ends 7/26, open internationally.
  • 365 Days of Style is giving away a pair of shoes that you get to design yourself from Shoes of Prey! Ends 7/20.
  • Homemaker Honey is giving away a $25 gift card to Tulle, my favorite online clothing shop! Ends 7/21, US only.
  • Celebrity Dress 4 Less is giving away a two-toned chain necklace! Ends 7/23, US only.
  • Nuvonova is giving away your choice of super cool charm necklace! Ends 7/24.
Please feel free to post your giveaways in the comments of the Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts! Let's keep them all on these posts and not on regular posts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm having my first giveaway. Here's my link


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