October 2, 2011

What Always Happens At My Parties

Someone spies my polish collection. They ask if they can play & I say of course! Next thing I know, things like this are going on!
Some boy wants to get his toenails painted. Jack has decided that he must rearrange my stash by color.
This is Jack after getting frustrated by the process of sorting things by color. He's chosen Pure Ice French Kiss for his toes by the way,
Now we have a toe painting three-way going on! Jack is using Essie Brazilliant.
I love to share & it always makes for some fun pictures!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love men with painted toenails.
    Do you think he'll keep on doing it in the future?

    My stash is a little bit my secret garden. No one, beside my sister knows about it and has seen it. I think the reason why might be half my secretive nature and half my fear to be stamped a nut. :D

  2. I cannot stop laughing right now. You have the best friends ever!!

    When people see my collection, they look at me like I'm some kind of sick freak. No one ever wants to play. :(

  3. I'd love if something like this would happen at my parties! The only thing SO lets me do on him is cuticle remover and shaping. And friends don't get this much excited about my np hobby.

  4. :) ahah that's funny! :)
    It happens a similar thing when I invite a friend to my house :)