November 10, 2013

Why My Blog Is Called Concrete & Nail Polish & OPI Done Out In Deco

People who stumble across my blog probably wonder about the curious name. It's actually very simple; Ashley & I make concrete! I snapped this spicture of her nails after we poured a few batches. OPI Done Out In Deco is her all time favorite polish (she's gone through two bottles & has two backups!) and it looks lovely even covered in concrete. I love this snapshot of my hard working sister!You can see some of our concrete work in our Etsy store, The Makerage.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Haha, I think this is a very lovely picture! The the powders covering her hands and nails makes her look mannequin-ish! And OPI Done Out in Deco is perfect for her! The colour of the polish and her skintone just goes so well together! No wonder she's gone through two bottles!