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We love free stuff!!! We love to do reviews and take pictures! We love to host giveaways too!


We will use your NON_RETURNABLE products and give an honest review of them. We would love to hear from anyone looking to promote their products and/or services. This blog focuses on nail products but we are interested in expanding a bit. We will consider for review the following categories.

1. Nail care products and polishes

2. Make-up and skin care

3. Clothes

4. Shoes

5. Accessories

Our blog will always maintain a nice clean, professional look. If you are launching a new product line and want the opinions of a group of diverse folks, we can provide that. We would love to host a swatch party with your latest nail polish collection!

Sponsored Giveaways & Contests

If you would like to sponsor a giveaway or contest, please contact us and be prepared to ship to the winner. You will receive a free 125 x 125 advertising space on our sidebar during the duration of your giveaway. We prefer that one, non-returnable item be sent to us for review before the giveaway since giveaways naturally go along with reviews. We will write a review of your product and at the end of the post, announce the giveaway. At the end of the giveaway, we will announce the winner and contact you with their name(s) and address(es) for direct shipping to them. Just be sure to let us know the specifics: what you’d like us to giveaway, how many of each item you are giving, who the giveaway is open to (ex. Only US), etc.

We can do a giveaway (participants visit your site & leave a comment about favorite product to enter) or we can get more creative and host a contest. We are pretty creative and have all sorts of fun ideas for getting people involved with your brand!

Feel free to e-mail us any questions you have!

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