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August 10, 2010

Essence Everybody's Talking About & Nail Art

I unexpectedly loved Essence Everybody's Talking About! I've already worn it twice because it just seems like a great summer color. I paired it with Essie Mint Candy Apple and one of my beloved smARTnails sticker stencils for this manicure. One of my favorite manicures for some reason!

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June 10, 2010

Latest Water Marble

I love water marbling! It's pretty easy and the results are cool. This is a base of Essie Adore-a-ball, marbled with Essie Mint Candy Apple, American Apparel Hassid & Essence Go Wild. All of these three polishes worked great for marbling!

There are lots of great tutorials around for doing a water marble, so I'll just tell you what I do differently.

I start by grabbing whatever chapstick I have around and putting that around my nails to make cleaning up my skin much easier. I've tried tape, but i thought it was annoying. Vaseline put on with a brush works great too, but the chapstick is the easiest thing I've tried so far.

I use a dish that is large enough for there to be some water surface without any polish. I then dip my finger straight down into the water without polish and bring it face-up under my favorite part of the design. I think most people put their nail face-down into the design, but I find this awkward. It works great for most people, but if you're feeling frustrated with that method, try it this way and see how it goes.

The part I would really like to improve is making designs in the polish after dropping them into the water. Does anyone have favorite links to tutorials?

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P.S. I can't wait for the World Cup!!!!!! Who's the sexiest player this year?

May 2, 2010

Essence Go Wild

This is one of the polishes I won from the charming R3 Daily! Lovely pinkish purple with silver microshimmer. This is 3 coats with no application issues.

I've been going through a series of nail art fails lately! Nothing seems to quite work. I never do swatches, just full manicures, unless the color is truly awful on me. I wear them plain for a day or two and then try to do some nail art. This means that there will be lots of fairly boring posts in the near future since nothing I've tried has worked recently. I'll keep trying though!

Tuesday is Star Wars Day! From Wikipedia,
May 4 is called Star Wars Day because of a pun on the similarity between "May the 4th be with you" and "May the Force be with you", a phrase often spoken in the Star Wars movies.
I challenge any of you sci-fi lovers to do some Star Wars Themed nail art!!!

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