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February 12, 2013

Ashley's Favorites! Icing My Blue Heaven

My sister Ashley is the one who got me started wearing nail polish. She has very particular tastes so her polish collection is very small & filled with mostly cremes. She loves every single one of them though & wears them all enough to need backups.
Icing My Blue Heaven is one that I see her wearing often, so I snapped some quick photos. Shown here at two coats.
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August 2, 2012

Layering With Icing After Party & A Couple Of Sations

Icing After Party was an impulse buy that I really love. Shards of multicolored glitter in a clear base. The formula is very good for this type of glitter & I had no application issues.

I first tried two coats over Sation Heather. Very pretty!
Matte version!
Next I tried a a gradient over Sation Ring Around The Horsie. Also awesome!
Wally photobomb!
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March 27, 2011

Icing My Blue Heaven

This is 3 coats of Icing My Blue Heaven on Ashley's nails. Very pretty dark blue creme with a good formula.

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August 5, 2009

First Konad!!

April ordered us our first Konad items last week! Konad is an ingenious stamping system for nail art. I never ever thought i'd be doing nail art, but this is a lot of fun. This is their website - Konad USA.

We got our Konad items just in time to enter a contest from the KonADDICT blog. Which you can check out here. We found her blog on one of Getcha Nails Did's, New Blogs on the Block posts. The owner of the KonADDICT blog does really awesome and unique manicures with her Konads. I love her super detailed photo instructions!

These are the plates April picked out. The one with the zebra print is mine. Which is what I used this time.

Here is my first Konadicure (as most people call them).
I used N.Y.C.'s Taxi Yellow for the base and Icing's Ice Queen for the zebra print.

You can see on a few of the nails that I didn't cover the whole thing. It's really fun though. We both have lots of ideas for new ones and can't wait to show you guys!