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March 24, 2010

Tic Tac Polishes and bees

Since the last two Tic Tac polishes I had to post were black and yellow, I wanted to share a some links with you guys. A couple of our friends posted this link on facebook today. It's an article about the continued problem of dying bees. Here's another link from a website called Learn 2 Grow. It's about Sedum plants. If you can, plant some in your garden. We need bees!
Sorry I didn't have a bee manicure to post. I'll try do one one in honor of spring and post it soon.

This picture comes from the creative commons section of flickr and belongs to Brenda.

Tic Tac black. I've never worn black nail polish as a manicure, but I wanted one around to use in nail art. I never would have spent $5 or more on a black polish, so at just $1 this works just fine for me. It took 2 coats and the application didn't give me any problems.

The yellow however was awful. This is 5 coats and it probably could have used another. Typical yellow I guess. I'm gonna put it on our frankening pile. Looking at the pictures makes me want to wear yellow again. I like it a lot and it's perfect for spring.

Thanks for reading

March 8, 2010

Tic Tac Purple

These Tic Tac polishes are crazy! I can't find ANY information about them on the internet. Sometimes they have a sticker on the bottom with a number but it always falls off before I've swatched it. And you never know what kind of finish you're going to get. Now this would probably drive many (most?) of you crazy, but I think it's fun! Only because I can pick them up for $1 a bottle though!
This particular one looks like some sort of special effect on my nails. All three pictures are accurate depictions of this polish in different lighting. The first picture is outside on an overcast day. The second was taken indoors with flash and the third indoors without flash. It looks like a pretty standard creme in the first picture right? The second picture gives you a better idea of the strange finish, maybe like the Orly Matte Couture collection? Looks sort of rubberized. The third picture shows the color acurately when indoors but still with the rubberized look. I love it and can't wait to wear it again!

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March 3, 2010

Tic Tac Polishes

This is a brand we found at our favorite nail supply store. We can't find any information about them on the internet. They don't have names, just numbers. They're only a $1!
Here's the colors we chose for our current giveaway. These all required 2-3 coats. All of these are shown without top coats.

Red - This is the only red that I really love. And between the both of us, it is one of the only reds we own, which we're proud of! I was shocked at how much I loved it. The finish is somewhere between a jelly and a cream. This polish looks just like a bag of cherry sours.

Blue - This color is crazy! We've never seen anything quite like it. The finish reminds us of the Orly Matte Couture's.

Green - A lovely emerald green cream.

Turquoise - This one dried to a slightly satin finish.

Mint - This one was a bit too yellow for our skin tones.

Do you like to try out random polishes or do you stick to the popular brands?