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January 6, 2012

Tuff Scent Gaurdian Angel & A Milani Gems Gradient

I won my first Tuff Scent polish from Holly of shimmerspark & I can't wait to get more of them. Thanks Holly!
Lots to say about this polish! First, the bottle and cap are lovely. The rose is made of metal and rather weighty which made the brush easier to use than expected. I was worried about not having much to hold onto since the cap is so short. 
Next, Tuff Scent polishes are scented as the name implies. This one is a very soft candied floral smell that is very pleasing. It lingers on your nails for at least three days. If I didn't like the scent this could be a problem, but I quite liked this one.
Application was good for a pastel polish & this is 3 coats.
The next day I added a gradient of Milani Gems. I love how nicely this one turned out so I've got lots of pictures!

Thanks for reading!