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July 12, 2014

World Cup Puma Cleats With Zoya!

Only two more games! This has been a truly astounding tournament for so many reasons. Today I've got some very simple nails inspired by these Puma cleats that many players have worn throughout the tournament including players from both Argentina & Germany for tomorrow's final match. Fun shoes for the world's biggest stage, right is pink, left is blue! I used Zoya Lolly & Zoya Phoebe. Apparently Puma makes the most eye-catching shoes because I did this manicure inspired by Puma last World Cup!
I LOVE my Pumas!
Still love my hair too. About as close as I'll get to a crazy World Cup haircut!

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July 9, 2014

World Cup Nails Argentina VS Netherlands

I like both teams in today's semi-final match so I did one hand for each! Blue & white stripes with a hint of gold sparkle for the Argentina Albicelestes & sparkly orange with a Netherlands flag on my other hand. All Sation polishes.
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July 8, 2014

World Cup Germany Nail Art With Zoya

For the game happening right now! Germany is already up 4-0! Zoya Rina, Holly, Storm, Kerry, Elisa and Sharpies for the goal & the soccer ball. Wow what a game!
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July 4, 2014

World Cup Nails With Zoya

Here are my nails for today's World Cup matches, France vs Germany & Brazil vs Columbia. I used all Zoya polishes! Chyna, Sunshine, Holly, Gaia, Storm, & Kerry.

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June 25, 2014

World Cup USA Nails with Zoya Pixie Dusts!

Once every 4 years I turn into a rabid super fan, sporting team colors, rooting for underdog teams, & spouting facts that I've seemingly absorbed without effort. Only the FIFA World Cup has this effect on me & for good reason. It's quite simply the biggest event on the planet. Whole countries effectively shut down to watch their team play, cease fires have been called for and granted, and some of the most talented (not to mention gorgeous) athletes in the world are on display.

I've got to root for my home team & perpetual underdogs in their group of death this year. This manicure happens to work great for 4th of July too!

I started with one coat of my new all time favorite polish, Zoya Tomoko. Then I added stripes in Zoya Chyna. The Pixie Dust polishes are so good for nail art! Then i tried to make an outlined star with Zoya Sunshine. I'm terrible at drawing stars without the lines in the middle! I ended up trying the stars again with Zoya Bar. They are still wonky but who cares, I love this look overall & I hope the USA can make it to the round of 16. I actually love the Ghana & German teams too (so glad we finally beat Ghana though!) but only 2 teams can go through. My head just might explode tomorrow during the simultaneous games!

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August 19, 2010

OPI Atomic Orange & My First Ruffian

This is OPI Atomic Orange. Not a color I will wear on it's own much, but a great orange creme with a perfect formula. No clean up on this one!

This ridiculous color combination was inspired by these shoes that many players wore in this year's World Cup. I used this Toma polish because it is opaque in just one coat, which seems necessary if doing this freehand. It turned out pretty well, but I found this technique kind of difficult.

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July 7, 2010

World Cup Germany vs Spain

I didn't really care who won yesterday's World Cup match. Both teams are good but I never developed any strong feelings for either team. I had a good idea for German nails so I just went with that. This is my tribute to the German Machine, as people have been calling them during this tournament. I love how this one turned out!

I used American Apparel Hassid as a base for all of my nails except for the flag. I used a Tic Tac Red for that one. The next morning I cut a piece of painter's tape to block off the red stripe and painted the rest of the flag with Hassid and American Apparel Manila. Then I used more of my awesome smART Nails sticker stencils & China Glaze Millennium for all of the chrome machine parts.

I'm actually excited that both Spain & the Netherlands are going through to the finals. I liked all four teams but neither Spain nor Holland have ever won the World Cup. Now we'll have a new World Cup Champion no matter the outcome of Sunday's final!

A couple of my friends have been loyal Spain supporters and they painted their nails for Spain during the quarter finals. Here's Kim's Spain nails with a number 9 for Fernando Torres.

And here's Regan's Spanish flag nails on the left and Kim on the right showing their support for La Furia Rojas. I love this picture! Thanks for letting me steal your photos ladies.

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July 3, 2010

World Cup 2010 Argentina

Another exciting team out of the World Cup! I painted my nails this morning to match the lovely sky blue and white jerseys of Argentina. Sally Hansen White Out for the base and Color Club Blue Light for the stripes. I hate the Sally Hansen White Out and could use a recommendation for an easily applied white cream polish. Anybody have a favorite?
I guess I'm rooting for the German machine now.

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July 2, 2010

Soccer Nail Art

I did these for a nail art contest over at Linnie's Favorites. I used BB Couture Poison Ivy for the grass, Konad plate M57 and Sally Hansen White Out for the net, and Migi Nail Art pens for the goal posts and the balls.
I decided to go with the traditional soccer ball pattern instead of the official World Cup 2010 Jabulani ball. The Jabulani just isn't very recognizable or interesting compared with the traditional pattern.
I love how these turned out! You can check out the other great entries and vote for your favorite here. I voted for Claudia!

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June 29, 2010

World Cup 2010 Japan

Another heartbreaking World Cup game today as Japan gets knocked out of the tournament after a scoreless game with overtime that had to be settled with penalty kicks. The Japan team has recently been called the Samurai Blue so I used OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui for most of my nails. I then proceeded to use up lots of time, 2 different white polishes and a few reds to try and make the darn flag! I am not good at making a perfect (or even a decent) circle with a brush! I repainted that nail three times and this is after I had tried out various methods on a nail wheel. Blech. It still turned out ok eventually though.

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June 28, 2010

World Cup 2010 "Group of Death" Nail Art

I used my new ManGlaze Matte is Murder for last week's Group of Death games in this year's World Cup. Here's a definition of the term from Wikipedia.
A group of death in a multi-stage tournament is a preliminary group which is unusually competitive, because the number of strong competitors in the group is greater than the number of qualifying places available for the next phase of the tournament. Thus, in the preliminary round, one or more strong competitors in the "group of death" will necessarily be eliminated, who would otherwise have been expected to progress further in the tournament.
Brazil & Portugal made it out this time but Ivory Coast had to go home.

I won all of the ManGlaze polishes recently from Sara of Daily Polish. Thanks again! I used my amazing smARTnails sticker stencils and ManGlaze Hot Mess & Fuggen Ugly for the skulls.

Here's a shot of ManGlaze Matte is Murder before the skulls. It was easy to work with and required three coats.

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June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010 South Africa

Ashley did this manicure for the opening day of this year's World Cup. I don't have the patience to do something as intricate as the South African Flag! The Daily Nail made the flag on most of her fingers! I know Ashley used Ruby Kisses Caribbean Blue, but I'm not sure what else went into this one.

Well, the host nation, South Africa has been eliminated and so has France. This is the first time that a host nation has ever been eliminated by the round of 16. Poor France just had a giant meltdown this World Cup! What a mess! Since we won't get to see them any more this time around, I'm picking a couple of their players for today's World Cup hotties.
First we have Yoann Gourcuff. Yoann was sent off today with a somewhat questionable red card.
I have to include Thierry Henry! Henry is without a doubt one of the most attractive footballers ever. We have links to plenty of pictures to prove it. Sweet jesus, he's hot! I went straight to Ashley for help with this one because I know she already has a large collection of Thierry Henry photos for her wonderful screen saver which features a slide show of beautiful men from all over the world.

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April & Ashley

June 20, 2010

World Cup 2010 Ghana

Ghana was one of my favorite teams last World Cup and they are this time as well. I used China Glaze Solar Power, a Tic Tac red, & BB Couture Poison Ivy for the Ghana Flag. I painted my nail yellow and then the next morning, I used a strip of blue painter's tape to make the green and red stripes. I used my smARTnails sticker stencils for the star. One coat of one of my favorites, Sinful Secret Admirer for the rest of my nails.

World Cup fever is real and I have it! It's safe to say that the World Cup has taken over my life. I've watched all but one game! I'm way behind on the blog! I was supposed to start my blog anniversary giveaway on the 17th but I STILL haven't had a chance to get to it. I promise I will soon.

I wanted to post this yesterday, but no time! So yesterday's World Cup hottie of the day is the entire team of Ghana! Especially Ayew & Gyan!

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June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 USA

I did this manicure in support of USA in today's USA vs England World Cup match! I like England's team too, but I've got to root for the home team!

I used smART Nails that I won from All Things Beauty With Skye & I love them!!! So easy & fast with practically foolproof results! smART Nails has an amazing website with lovely pictures and great video tutorials. I love Konad, but this is easier. smART Nails ends up being more expensive than Konad since you can only use each sticker stencil a few times, but I think they are totally worth it! Easy to get great results when using your non-dominant hand too. I used Ruby Kisses Caribbean Blue & Tic Tac (unnamed) and Sally Hansen White Out for the stars & stripes.

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