March 2, 2015

Zoya Leah And Rayne

Sometimes you've got to do your nails on the go right? Actually I rarely go this far, but I was really hating Zoya Leah and I was going out in public, so I grabbed Zoya Rayne and added a stripe in the car. Not my best work or my best photos but at least I felt better about nails while on a tour of Prairie Artisan Ales!
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March 1, 2015

Zoya Leah

Zoya Leah is part of the Satin Collection for 2015.
Zoya Leah is a taupe polish with lavender leanings, a definite beauty of a color and unique to my collection but the formula just stinks. I'm going to try adding quite a bit of thinner if I ever use Leah again. I really want to love this collection but they just aren't working out for me.

  • All of the colors are drop dead gorgeous, unique and complement each very nicely. Seriously lovely color choices!
  • Wear time seems very good for a polish meant to be worn without a topcoat, much better than most matte polishes.
  • I love new ideas in polish and the Satin finish definitely appeals to me.
  • The frosted bottles are beautiful.
  • Dry time is good for a polish without topcoat
  • So far the formula has been super frustrating for me. I feel like I've tried every application technique I can think of with no luck. They just don't self-level well and since they are meant to be worn without a topcoat that is a problem. You also can't go back over an area at all or you will get dragging. I just can't make them work! 
  • Some friends think the finish looks like paint for the interior walls of a house or just plain old acrylic paint. I don't think these will have broad appeal to ladies who aren't really into nail polish.
So what's my verdict? You'll have to decide for yourself.  I love the idea of the Zoya Satin collection but I'm still having a lot of trouble with the formula. I'm glad to have them but I feel like they would be very frustrating for the average polish user. And the finish certainly isn't for everyone either. Give them a try if you don't mind a bit of extra work when doing your nails and you love weird finishes like I do.
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This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own & were not influenced by Zoya! For more information you can read my disclosure policy.

February 28, 2015

Sally Hansen Plum's The Word

Sally Hansen Plum's The Word is part of their Complete Salon Manicure line. This line has fantastic wide brushes that I adore and lots of great colors.Plum's the Word barely needed a second coat and will be very flattering on a wide range of skin tones. Fabulous polish!
 I love this beer label! A collaboration between Jester King and Prairie Artisan Ales!

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February 27, 2015

Zoya Rayne

Zoya Rayne is from their Spring 2015 Delight collection.
Zoya Rayne is a medium toned icy blue packed with turquoise micro shimmer. Perfect for snowy, icy cold days or sunny spring weather! Rayne is pretty streaky so I definitely needed 3 coats. Unlike anything else in my collection and definitely a keeper!
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This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own & were not influenced by Zoya! For more information you can read my disclosure policy

Pink Ombre Dots With Zoya!

Every once in a while a manicure turns out exactly the way you saw it in your head and that was the case here. I was going to watch my friend's beautiful dress boutique for the day and I knew I wanted a killer outfit and nails to match. Her shop, Volutpe, is so gorgeous, and I wanted to fit in since I'd be representing her business for the day.
Anyway I picked a grey and pink sweater dress that is super comfy and this giant pair of burgundy socks from Sock Dreams. I did my nails to match, starting with a base of Zoya Dove. Then I added random dots in a variety of Zoya pinks. From darkest to lightest I used Zoya Toni, Reagan, Lara, and Shelby.

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February 26, 2015

Double Sponge Gradient With Maybelline

I was going out on the town and Maybelline Pretty In Peach just didn't go with anything I wanted to wear. I needed a fast way make it work with my killer navy dress so I went with my go to nail art, gradients. This time I opted for lots of texture and and left just a bit of the peach color exposed in the middle of my nail. Looked great and was super easy and fast! I used Maybelline New Year's Blues to coordinate with my navy dress.

My friend made me a bracelet with a file I made with Nervous System's bracelet generator app! I emailed him the .stl and next day I had a 3D printed bracelet. I'm pretty darn happy to be alive right now with all of this fun new technology!

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February 25, 2015

Maybelline Pretty In Peach

Maybelline Pretty In Peach is part of their current Color Show line. I really love Gilded Rose, the only other Maybelline Color Show polish I own, and Pretty In Peach is great too. Good formula and a very fun color for a dreary winter day. Oranges aren't very flattering on my skin tone but I love them anyway so I'll be keeping this one for sure.
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February 13, 2015

Black Hearts

Hmm, sometimes ideas just don't work out quite like you think they will This design is ok and I love the background but I think it would have been much better if the hearts had been a very dark grey instead of straight up black. I started with this delicate layering combo of Zoya Tiana and Chloe and used Zoya Willa for the hearts which just seems too harsh. I think Zoya Genevieve would have been a better choice.

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