American Apparel Launches Nail Polish Line!

We received an email today announcing the launch of a brand new nail polish line from the uber-hip American Apparel. 18 creme shades, big 3 free (they list the ingredients right up front!), 0.5oz bottles for $6, that can be purchased here. Look at those colors ladies!! The initial 18 shades are exactly what we would expect from American Apparel: edgy, modern, & intriguing! How refreshing to see a company launch with such a wide range of colors instead of just a million reds and pinks! Here is a link to a company spokesperson talking about the launch.

We have an extensive collection of American Apparel T-shirts by way of Threadless and we love every one of them. What about you? Do you have any experience with the American Apparel brand?

Let's talk about the colors; from what I can tell they are all cremes. This line looks like it was made for Ashley who loves cremes! They have great names and we're having a hard time deciding which we would choose. Two new greens, three blues and a gray! We are also curious about Cotton, Manila and Palm Springs.

How do you feel about this new line? Which are you looking forward to trying? Let us know!
Thanks for reading!
April & Ashley


  1. I have a lot of american apparel clothing in general. am very excited about their polish, and love the packaging!

  2. I love American Apparel Tshirts but unfortunately I can't fit into them right now...gotta lose some weight to get back in them! But the polishes... one size fits all! They look great. Thanks for sharing!!


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