Sally Hansen Celeb City

I got Sally Hansen Celeb City hoping it would be a dupe for Zoya Trixie. This is 2 coats with lots of cuticle drag. Celeb City stinks! It smelled very strongly of sharpies, even on my nails for a few hours. Blech. I'm not the only one who has had problems with this Sally Hansen Line. Here's Rebecca of Nails Etc's post about her experience. I really can't stand the smell but it sure does look great!

Today's World Cup Hottie pick is Gonzalo Higuain playing for Argentina. He scored a hat trick in today's game!

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  1. Haha, this makes me feel a lot better now you've posted the same thing! I don't know what Sharpies are but I'm guessing it smells like rotten cabbage? :p
    My Celeb City didn't stink though, and I love the finish!

  2. My bottle of celeb city didn't stink at all, & it applied great. But the stinking seems to be a problem with random sally hansen bottles.

  3. I heart this polish! The glitter is so fine but stands out great. I actually used it in my first water marble.


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