My Stash; Or, Will Thought I Looked Crazy & Decided To Take A Picture

This is me and my polish. My stash is on the small side for a polish blogger. I don't think of my self as a collector & I only keep polishes I love or that are necessary for nail art.

I store mine on a table in an ever rotating snake formation. When I use one, it goes to the back of the line. If I don't have something specific that I want for my nails, I just use the polish at the head of the line and go from there. When I've gone through them all, I pile them up, smoosh them around, and line them up in different order.

I know many of you love to put your polishes in order by color or by brands, but this system makes me happy.

Will just happened to catch me sitting on the floor while I was rearranging & grabbed the camera. He said "It is scary and people need to see it."

Thanks for reading!


  1. That's not scary, that's very cute!!!
    Like how you explained 'the system', funny to read how you go through your stash.

  2. I LOVE it! Great "system"..Even though I sort my polish by brand in a 3 drawer cart I randomly pick my polishes by opening a drawer and reaching in...I hardly ever match my nails to an outfit...I'm wild n' crazy that way! LOL

  3. "It is scary and people need to see it." LOL

    It's not scary...

  4. Goodness - you have legs for miles! So jealous! You look like you are guarding your stash. Fierce!

  5. that's a really great way to choose what color of polish to used. Maybe I should try that too, coz I always have a hard time choosing..

  6. Will is actually very supportive of polish habit and has even done his toes a few times. You can see the terrifyingly hilarious results here.

    @KrisInPhilly I'm 6 feet tall so if I had short legs, I'd look awfully silly.

  7. This is great! It reminds me of when I used to dump out my mom's buttons and sort them by colour. Or just movethem around and around on the floor to hear them click against each other. I used to pretend they were jewels!

  8. I bet he wouldn't have you any other way! ;)

  9. I love these pics! You look so happy. I sort mine by color and they are in shoe boxes - but I only have around fifty. You are gorgeous, girl! Tall women rock. Most of the women in my family are around 6' too. :-)


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