Layla Magneffect Black Metal

I won my first magnetic polish from the lovely ladies at The Polish Lab. Thanks ladies!! Magnetic polishes are very exciting to me. It's just such a cool idea.
This is 1 coat of Layla Magneffects in Black Metal. The polish applies very easily and covers in one coat. I had a bit of trouble with the magnet; I think my nails are just too rounded to get good stripes. I can only get them in the middle or off to one side. I don't think it has anything to do with the product though. It just doesn't work well for my particular nails. I'm passing this one on to a very happy friend with much smaller nails & I fully expect it to work great for her. A starburst pattern magnet is probably much more suited to my nails.
You'll have to vary your routine a bit when using a magnetic polish. You want to do one nail at a time & then quickly use the magnet. I also recommend skipping the topcoat as it can blur the pattern. The polish dries fast so it wasn't a problem for me to skip the topcoat.
I hope magnetic polishes continue to catch on & that we have a wide variety to choose from in the coming year!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love it!
    I just got myself one from this brand. Need to try it soon.

  2. I think these are SO unique!


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