Drowning In Pictures: Seeking Oganization & Online Storage Advice

I take lots of photos. For my blog, for my concrete & just generally to document my lovely life. (I only have a handful of pictures from my 20's!) Because of this I have hundreds of unedited photos sitting on my computer waiting for my attention. Every few months I try to tackle the backlog. I manage to go though & get rid ones that are obviously poor quality or uninteresting but that's about it. I have some organization on my hard drive but it's not perfect. The pictures I have online are scattered across different sites & a complete mess.

I bet many of my readers & fellow bloggers have tons of pictures too. How do you manage your photos? Do you store them online? All suggestions welcome!  Here's a few photos of Wally, Will & me just so this post isn't totally boring.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Unfortunately, that's one of my big weaknesses, too... I don't organize them at all. In fact, we had to go through a huge tough rescue of the ones on my phone, because I had so many and synch next to never, it was so overloaded with new ones it wouldn't synch at all. I wish I could say I'd improved since, but I haven't.

    I did recently come across this post... Maybe there's something helpful there:


  2. No advice, as I'm not great at organizing either. I love Wally posts, though! :)

    1. Fair enough. At least I know I'm not alone. Wally is adorable!


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