Layering With Zoya Cho & Godiva

Zoya Godiva is my third textured polish to try from their Zoya Pixie Dust Collection. I love it just as much as the others I've tried!

Here's what Zoya has to say about these polishes.
Infused with magic and wonder! The latest "must-have" nail polish finish - textured, matte and sparkling! This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this enchanting look.

IMPORTANT Pixie Dust Application Information - Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The Pixie Dust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery!
I followed the above instructions for both Chyna & Dahlia and they worked great, but I decided to try something different for Godiva. (That's what nail polish bloggers are here for right?) I tried layering it over Zoya Cho on my nail wheel & I could only detect the slightest of differences in the end result.
On the left Zoya Cho & Godiva layered, on the right three coats of Godiva.

I used my regular base coat (Nailtek Foundation II), then two coats of Zoya Cho, topped with one coat of Zoya Godiva. Most bloggers report that Godiva needs three coats for full coverage. Since you definitely need to wait for each coat to dry when applying the Pixie Dust polishes, this seems like a nice alternative. 

I'm totally in love with this collection so far. Zoya Cho & Godiva are the perfect companions!

Thanks for reading!

This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own & were not influenced by Zoya! For more information you can read my disclosure policy.


  1. Ohhh, I love Godiva! It makes work appropriate more FUN :-) Very good to know you can use it over a normal polish as well: thanx!

  2. So pretty. I am dying to get the Zoyas but they are really the only textured polishes that interest me.

    1. Me too so far. The ones without sparkle are still just a bit too funny looking to me.


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