Fun Stripes With Zoya Josie & Liberty

I went to a wedding recently & I needed "elegant cocktail attire". (Thanks to the bride & groom for providing a link to exactly what kind of clothing you wanted!) I have lots of dresses but none quite fit the bill for me, too bright, too much pattern, too much cleavage, not dressy enough, etc. When I go to a wedding my goal is to be completely above reproach! Thankfully I found a beautiful peplum dress that fits me well. I did have a moment of panic when I saw another woman walking towards me in almost exactly the same dress (just a slightly different blue). I'd already seen groomsmen wearing cobalt blue ties & there was a cobalt blue ribbon on the description of the ceremony. I thought, "Oh no! Somehow I'm wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids!". Thankfully I was wrong, but I think I would have left if I had turned out to be correct! What would you have done?
Anyway I was already wearing Zoya Josie so I added some stripes of Zoya Liberty to match my dress. All in all a successful day & manicure.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the mani!! I love the color of the dress too! I would have probably left if I was wearing the same dress lol Yeah, totally would have left.

  2. What wonderful colors for the occasion, you can't ever go wrong with glitter either!

  3. I probably would've left,too! I realized that the bridal party was wearing a very similar color/style dress to my go-to wedding dress the day before my close friend's wedding. I had no time to shop and ended up wearing something completely different, less formal and ill-fitting. Now, I always casually inquire about the color the bridal party is wearing. Last-minute panic is no fun!

    1. Glad I'm not alone in thinking that getting dressed for a wedding is stressful!


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