Zoya Neve

Zoya Neve is from the new Satins - Fall 2013 collection. Neve is a slightly prurple leaning blue metallinc chimmer polish. I had some problems with the polish dragging if I went over it more than once & you have to be careful of brush strokes. On the plus side it looks good in two coats and dries very quickly. A perfectly fine polish but I'm not in love with the color so I'll be passing this one on to a friend.
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This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own & were not influenced by Zoya! For more information you can read my disclosure policy.


  1. I have never really been a fan of blue nail polish but I have to say I really like this color! Great post (:

  2. this might be really nice paired with a lighter blue and done as an ombre

  3. I think this would be a pretty color to do an ombre effect..hmmm I might have to try it! Thank you for posting such awesome pics, I especially appreciate the one that is further away because it gives a good idea of how your nails will look to other people.


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