China Glaze Roguish Red

China Glaze Roguish Red is from their 2012 Wicked Halloween Collection. I would call this a red orange creme & classify it as an orange. Gorgeous color & fantastic formula. Nothing unique, but I love it!
Now for a short digression about my hometown & Batman! I love to read & I've always been a huge fan of superheroes & graphic novels. I picked up Batman Death By Design & was admiring the beautiful building depicted in the drawings below. Suddenly it hit me that the beautiful building is modeled after my favorite art deco building right here in Tulsa, Boston Avenue Methodist Church.
"The exterior of Wayne Central is drawn from the Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tusla, Oklahoma, designed by Adah Robinson and Bruce Goff."
This book is beautiful and a must own for a very specific set of people! It's plot is...not your typical Batman story.
"In lieu of his usual bevy of supervillains, Death by Design presents Batman –and Bruce Wayne– with an unusual rogues gallery made up of a beautiful preservationist and an investigative architecture critic (of all the fantasies in Death by Design, “investigative architecture critic” is perhaps the most unbelievable). The cast is rounded out by devious contractors, reclusive architects, and a mysterious new costumed vigilante named Exacto – as in knife. Kidd has described Exacto as “Batman villain as architecture critic,” though that’s not quite right. He’s more of a proactive agent of the building department. Exacto makes his debut by warning dancers on a glass-floored nightclub high above the streets of Gotham: “The stresses on this structure were improperly calculated!” Along with incorporeality and teleportation, Exacto’s superpowers seem to include unlimited access to classified construction documents and forged union contracts."



  1. wow that's so cool about the Batman building!! :)

    Love the nail polish too, such a beautiful color!

  2. I love Roguish Red, and it looks amazing on you!! :D I will definitely be busting it out for fall!
    and... YAY BATMAN! :D


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