Tulsa Mini Maker Faire - Or Why I've Hardly Had Time To Paint My Nails, Let Alone Blog!

I've been helping to organize a truly amazing event that finally took place last Saturday, called the Tulsa Mini Maker Faire. It's part of a larger movement of Maker Faires across the globe sponsored by the fantastic Make Magazine. I've run the facebook page, answered every email that came in through the info address, responded to every application, sent out over 200 invitations to apply, spent countless hours on a detailed booth layout on a complicated site & much, much more. Along the way I've had an amazing group of friends who have supported me every step of the way and shared in tons of the work. It's been extra crazy this last month but now I can start to relax & paint my nails & blog again!
Here are some of my favorite photos from along the way.  The first four photos are shots of some of my favorite Makers. The last one is a giant M built for the event. & the last photo is of me the day of the event dressed as the Maker Fairey Queen with my 3D printed crown & Zoya Chyna on my nails.


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