Layering With Zoya Cosmo & Apple!

I got just what I was looking for with this layering combination, a great springtime green Pixie Dust with just a hint of holo! I started with Zoya Cosmo & then added a very thin layer of Zoya Apple. Great combo!

Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG!!!!! I was browsing your blog looking at Zoya swatches (trying to choose which pretties I want from the promo, hehe)... And I found THIS. The one Magical Pixie Dust shade that I always wanted but was never made: a minty spring green! *mega-swoons* I own both Apple and Cosmo so I can't wait to try this mani!!! Thank you so much for making my minty Magical Pixie dream mani come true! <333 d3athbyglitter


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