Revlon Banana Blaze

Yellow jelly polishes are so strange looking but I love them anyway! This is 3 easily applied coats of Revlon Banana Blaze. It's a sunshine yellow jelly with sparse silver glitter. I know it doesn't look great with my skin tone but Banana Blaze is still a keeper since it's so unique! I'll have to try layering it over some other colors some day.

Thanks for reading!


  1. First, although I've only commented once, I truly enjoy your nail adventures. I get a kick out of seeing how you match your nails to what you're wearing. And you're very creative. I have to tell you, though, this banana yellow is so not my taste. I don't have a yellow polish - yet - I just ordered Butter London's Pimms which they describe as an opaque, sunflower yellow crème. I'll be curious to see how you decide to layer your Revlon and if layering turns it into something that is a bit more....attractive. Maybe it's just my monitor, lol. -Shelley

    1. Ha! Not your monitor Shelley, it's a really weird polish by itself. But that' probably why I decided to keep it. I did do some fun nail art with it that will be coming up soon.

      Thanks for the kind words & have a lovely day!

  2. Its a lovely nail color but I guess I have to pass on this one. I prefer darker and deeper colors.


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