Nail Art Fail!

Sometimes nail art just doesn't work out. I love my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens and decided to try some stripes on top of a textured polish, the gorgeous Sally Hansen Cinny Sweet. I grabbed the Blue nail art pen and went to work. I loved the color combo and the folksy imperfect lines but I thought I needed to add a topcoat since one of the great things about the nail art pens is the fact that you can wipe off any mistakes and start over.
Amazingly, I've never put a topcoat on a polish labeled as a texture but I gave it shot anyway. One coat of my usual topcoat and everything looked great! I left the house shortly after adding the topcoat and by the time I arrived at my destination my nails were not looking so good anymore. The topcoat had soaked in and left my nails looking lumpy and pretty gross!
It seems obvious to me now that I needed to add more than one coat of topcoat to smooth out the texture but I spent a whole night in public walking around with this icky mess. Lesson learned and thought it still might be amusing to some of you! What's your biggest nail art fail? Did you have to wear it in public?

Thanks for reading!


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