ORLY Starburst

ORLY Starburst is from their space inspired Galaxy FX set.
ORLY Starburst is a milky white jelly polish filled with small red glitter, slightly larger dark orange hex glitter, medium pale gold hex glitter and large white round glitter! The formula was excellent for a polish with so much glitter and I love the idea of this polish but in reality it just didn't quite work for me. While there was no need to fish for large glitters and the polish went on very nicely, the white circles had a tendency to stack on top of each other in tall clumps. I just couldn't get this one to look anything other than lumpy and kind of gross on my nails. It was also a nightmare to remove even at just 2 coats. I was picking off glitter for well over an hour! Cool idea and really good application but this one just isn't for me. I still love the idea of this collection though and there brush handle/cap is my absolute favorite.
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