Rouge Louboutin

My wonderful sister, Alisa, got this for me for Christmas since she knew I would never get it for myself. She said I should definitely have it for my collection though and I certainly can't argue!
Rouge Louboutin clocks in at $50 a bottle and I have to say I think it's worth the price if you love beautiful packaging and nice red creme polish. The bottle and brush are around 8" tall and make a big statement! Truly perfect faceted bottle with ombre red to black coloring and a long spiky handle. Just looking at it makes me happy and I think you could use it as a weapon in a pinch!
Rouge Louboutin is a one coat wonder that practically applies itself. The long tapered handle is a pleasure to use and the color is a nicely balanced red that will look great on most anyone. I love it! Thanks Alisa!
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  1. It's a really gorgeous polish. My husband got me it for Valentine's Day :-D


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