March 21, 2010

Mad Max Interceptor & Special Pursuit Nails!

I watched Mad Max for the first time last weekend and as soon as I saw the Yellow Interceptor Car, I knew I'd be doing a version of that sweet paint job on my nails!

Below is the Special Pursuit. I used Sinful Secret Admirer with China Glaze Matte Magic to mimic the awesome Special Pursuit. Matte black nails look evil. I love it!

I used China Glaze Solar Power, OPI Red & OPI Blue My Mind for the Interceptor. My beloved Migi Nail Art Pen for the white stripe.

I have a thing for 70's muscle cars. It's bad. My heart goes all a flutter every time I see one.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. You are awesome! :)

    I love your orange tee shirt too! Such a pretty shade for a sunny day.

  2. Thanks for making my night! I was so sad that nobody had commented.

  3. Nice paint job! Mad Max is win!

  4. Very nice design. Its cute and simple :)