China Glaze Recycle & Konad

I can't believe that I've never posted pictures of China Glaze Recycle! This is one of the polishes that got me hooked last year and is without a doubt in my all-time top five!
I used my second favorite Konad image from plate M60 with Maybelline Blue Aluminum on one of the last truly wintry days we had in Tulsa.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks great! Perfect concrete color. Love the Konad. Hello pup!

  2. I watched the konad demo video and i want to get the kit so bad. your wally dog rivals my wally dog in cuteness!


  3. Konad is ridiculously awesome! I never thought I would be doing nail art but it pretty darn easy once you get the hang of it!

    I must see pictures of your Wally!

  4. oh, this is SO pretty together! I really love that :)

  5. It goes perfectly with your hand! I like how it makes your hand very vibrant. This is perfect choice for your hands.


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