March 3, 2010

Tic Tac Polishes

This is a brand we found at our favorite nail supply store. We can't find any information about them on the internet. They don't have names, just numbers. They're only a $1!
Here's the colors we chose for our current giveaway. These all required 2-3 coats. All of these are shown without top coats.

Red - This is the only red that I really love. And between the both of us, it is one of the only reds we own, which we're proud of! I was shocked at how much I loved it. The finish is somewhere between a jelly and a cream. This polish looks just like a bag of cherry sours.

Blue - This color is crazy! We've never seen anything quite like it. The finish reminds us of the Orly Matte Couture's.

Green - A lovely emerald green cream.

Turquoise - This one dried to a slightly satin finish.

Mint - This one was a bit too yellow for our skin tones.

Do you like to try out random polishes or do you stick to the popular brands?


  1. I tend to stick to the popular brands, but that turquoise is really pretty!

  2. I am a big China Glaze fan, but will pick up the random color if it catches my eye.

  3. Even though the popular/big companies bring more traffic and followers to my Blog, I actually prefer finding and using polishes from little known/random companies!

    For me, it's all about being "different".

    Love the Tic Tac polishes you found! The blue is outstanding!!!

  4. Ainos2, I totally agree with you! MY sister Ashley usually purchases polishes that she has seen multiple swatches of and has been wanting for a while. I'm more impulsive.

  5. Hi April and Ashley:

    (I apologize April, I called you Anne in my last comment, it won't happen again, sorry I apologize for that).

    Great colors and so inexpensive! Where can you pick these up? I really love the blue, green and minty lime green. I would love to try them out on my toes.

    I usually choose polishes from OPI, Sephora, Essie, Barielle (which has a buy 1-1 sale) and Diamond Cosmetics which sells theirs for around $2.00. They also sponsor the "Teal for Toes" campaign for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and sold their, "Don't Teal on me" polishes with a cute teal colored ribbon.

    I bought a lot of these, and some teal colored wrist bands and gave out "Teal for Toes" cards to some of my woman's groups. They loved the Teal colored polish, plus part of the sale went to Ovarian Cancer Research.

    Nevertheless, these polishes are dynamite, I even like the red color but it's too bright for me.

    Love your web blog, have a nice day.

    (((((Love April and Ashley))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  6. I would love to know where you got these! I went into Mac and saw it on a girls hands and she told me it was TicTac brand in 222 but I can't find ANYTHING online for info or where to buy! I'd love your help! :)

    1. Hello Bex! I've never been able to find any information online either. I used to get them at a crazy nail supply store in Tulsa but they stopped carrying the brand last year. I have one shade left in my ongoing blog sale here.

  7. love the turquoise color, where can you buy this brand?

  8. I love the turquoise color! Do you know any places that sell this brand?

    1. As far as I know they aren't made any longer. They used to carry them at a little place in town but she told me they have been discontinued.