L.A. Girl Flare Dark Purple

Drop dead gorgeous purple. All purple lovers should own this one! Dark purple that never looks black with lots of shimmer that changes color from hot pink to blue. I just couldn't figure this polish out! Is there such a thing as shimmer duochrome? It changed all of the time, lots of staring at my nails with this beauty. One of those lit from within polishes. Very hard to capture in pictures. Formula was nice but I thought the brush was too stiff. 2 coats in the pictures. Thanks again to Kris from Polish or Perish for this one.

A couple of photos showing mostly purple.

Here are a couple of shots of the shimmer looking hot pink.

I could only get the blue to show up in blurry shots for some reason.

This shot seems to show a little of everything blue, purple and hot pink.

Thanks for reading.


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