Maybelline Khaki Fringe

This color is so exciting! I love all things army green! This is one of the polishes I picked up at my Dollar Tree last week. I bought both of the 2 bottles they had because the color looked so gorgeous. I would describe this as a classic army green loaded with micro shimmer in red, green and gold! I think it's super sexy and goes great with my wardrobe and skin tone. This has leaped into my top five favorites. No problems with the application, formula or brush. I might have to go check the Dollar Trees in town for another back up; I will go through this quickly.
VampyVarnish just did a post on a China Glaze lemming called Out On Safari. I think this may be very similar if not a dupe. The Maybelline may be just a little darker.

Bonus Wally picture!!!! I love his face!

So what do you think ladies? Do we have a winner?

Thanks for reading.


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