Peacekeeper Cause-Metics Grateful Polish

I contacted Peackeeper Cause-Metics because I haven't seen any reviews of their polish line and they sent me Grateful to try out. It's a metallic rosy purple with a nice formula. This is 3 coats.
Peacekeeper goes into great detail about all of their ingredients! From their website:
PeaceKeeper Nail Paints are made without Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetone, Phthalates, Parabens, or FD&C/Lake Coloring in our products. And, PeaceKeeper does absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING!

Since nature does not make a “real” fire-engine red, you will not find reds of those tones in our line. Fire-engine reds are made with FD&C coloring and are synthetic. PeaceKeeper uses minerals from the earth for coloring like Mica, Titanium Oxide and Ultramarines. We do however use Carmine (a pigment derived from carminic acid from the scales of certain insects) in Paint Me Stunning so if you are a vegan stay away from this colors. ALL of our other nail colors are VEGAN !

But here’s the truth…Our polishes are still made with copolymers, which the Environmental Working Group describe as being “Moderate” in terms of their safety rankings (Safe, Moderate, Hazardous). What they say is that copolymers can suppress the immune system and can be irritating to the skin. We'd like to take them out of our nail paint but they make up the base of the polish - so if you are going to wear our nail polishes you should be aware of this. Right now, these polishes are as clean as we know how to get them. But please call or e-mail us at if you have any ideas on how to improve the ingredients in our nail paints. We love wise input!

No green-washing here ladies! They don't have a huge range of colors but that is explained by the fact that they only use minerals for pigments. Their current selection can be found here.
Peacekeeper Cause-Metics seems like a wise choice for environmentally & socially conscious consumers.
PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is the first cosmetics company to give donations to women’s urgent human rights issues. We focus on women who live at the base of the pyramid on a dollar or two a day or women living in exploitation or servitude.
I have lots more to say about this intriguing company, but I'll save it for tomorrow's post when I'll review their Polish Remover.

Disclosure: I was provided a product sample by American Apparel. This in no way affects my opinions of the product. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Such a pretty color! I love the fact that they don't do animal testing! <3


  2. Mauve/purplish colors are always my favorite. I love how open they are about their products.

  3. Thank you for the post April! We are always grateful (pun intended ;-) to hear feedback about our products.
    The Peacekeeper Team

  4. Foils are my worst enemy. I have to check out their other shades.


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