PeaceKeeper Eco-Easy Vegan Nail Polish Remover

PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics Eco-Easy Nail Polish Remover is radically different from acetone based removers! I tried it with several different polishes and it works very well overall. It does take about 5-15 seconds longer for each nail but the benefits out way that bit of extra time.

From their website:

PeaceKeeper® Eco-Easy™ Nail Polish Remover made from natural fermented sugars and scented with rosemary and spearmint.
  • No Nasty Anything™
  • No Nasty Odor
  • Completely VEGAN!
  • No GMOs
  • Biodegradable
  • Moisturizing Oil of Spearmint
  • No Synthetic Oils or Petrochemicals
  • Farmer Grown Ingredients
  • Works on the TOUGHEST nail polish!
This delicious smelling nail polish remover contains moisturizing oil of spearmint which enriches the nail and cuticles. Imagine, five simple ingredients that when combined together create a natural and perfect solution to removing nail polish.
The days of alcohol, acetone, and FD&C coloring are over with this revolutionary formulation.

I normally remove my polish with Beauty Secrets Acetone with wheat protein & vitamin e. I tear up cotton balls into nail size pieces, soak them in remover and place one on each nail for about 30 seconds. I used the same method with the PeaceKeeper. The PeaceKeeper did leave behind more polish but it was very easy to finish the job with a little rubbing.

The differences in feel and smell are huge! PeaceKeeper smells very minty & refreshing as opposed to the typical yuck of acetone based removers. PeaceKeeper contains glycerin and I think this gives the remover a slippery feel. It took me a bit to get used to but I noticed that my hands felt moisturized after removal! They always feel dry when I use my regular remover.

Ashley also tried the PeaceKeeper and says she is a convert. She has been trying very hard lately to use more eco friendly products so she likes their commitment to organic farming. This remover is more expensive ($10 for 4 fl. oz.) but people who are committed to making more responsible product choices shouldn't mind the cost too much.

I wouldn't recommend this product for tough glitter removal or for clean up (I keep a bottle of straight acetone around for those anyway) but it's great for everyday use. I think it's a nice option for anyone concerned about their consumer habits or about frequent acetone use.

PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is an "All Benefit" Company.

From their website:

What does an All-Benefit Company do?
  • Donates all of profits (after taxes, debt repayment, financing costs, reasonable working capital reserves) to charity and generates those profits responsibly.
  • Demonstrates a clear and explicit commitment to achieving best practices in all aspects of corporate responsibility.
  • Provides products and services that do no harm.
  • Distributes profits to 501c3 non-profit organizations which are non-violent, non-partisan, and non-denominational.
  • Demonstrates compelling business models that have the potential to successfully address market needs and multiply the company’s impact.

If any of this sounds good to you, check out the rest of PeaceKeeper's products.

You can see my review of their Nail Polish Grateful here.

Disclosure: I was provided a product sample by American Apparel. This in no way affects my opinions of the product. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Very nice post to read. Thnx for the information!

  2. Minty?! I use Beauty Secrets non-acetone remover and I can tolerate the smell (it's better than most others) but it still has that chemical smell. Good to know how this product fares.

  3. Great post, i am very interested in trying this .thanks

  4. I don't mind spending a little more for something truly natural. It makes a great statement too!

    This stuff sounds good. I may have to start painting my nails again. It's been a while.

  5. Very interesting!.
    I also use Beauty Secrets, but I am starting to look for something less yuck smelling.^_^


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