Frankening With The Ugliest Polish I've Tried So Far.

What do you do with polishes that you've tried but just don't like? Do you swap them? Keep them with your regular collection but just ignore them? Banish them to a box under your bed? Or do you mix the unloveds together & see if you can make something pretty?
That is what I do with my unwanted polishes. For this franken I used my least favorite polish that I've tried so far, Ulta Sunny Romance of St. Tropez. I really can't imagine it looking good on anyone and it didn't work as a layering polish either. So I decided to add some Sally Hansen Black Out to it and just see what happened. The results were not what I was expecting but I like it! It somehow turned into a mossy greenish brown with copper shimmer!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooh, I like that!!
    And it's really cool that you use your ugly polishes to franken! I just throw mine in the back of the drawer and give them bad looks when I happen to see them.
    Frankening them is a much better idea though.

  2. When i dont like them i just ignore them and sometimes give them to friends or sisters.

  3. It turned out lovely. I'm lucky enough to not have any polishes that I just can't stand but I'm rather new to this still, I may yet end up with frankening polishes.

  4. Usually the reason I wouldn't like a polish would make it appealing to someone else. I have no problem giving away work appropriate sheer pinks. Two of my teenage nieces love polish. They get my dupes!

    I love what you did with your franken and the post title made me laugh!

  5. Whaaaaaaaat? This is awesome! I love how adding black to these nasty goodish gross polish turn them into fabulous shades like this.

    Deez Nailz

  6. Nice! Many years ago I got rid of a bunch of polishes I didn't like and then I realized I missed some of them so now I just put them aside and ignore them :-)

  7. Hmm yeah this isn't really my color haha. Still, it's original though! Haven't seen this color around yet lol ^^

  8. You made a nice 'up-cycled' polish. I love that color, yes, likey!!! :)

  9. Franken-success! You totally salvaged this one, and I like the result. Great job!


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