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This is 2 coats of a franken I made with Claire's Mood Peaceful/Confident & Sally Hansen Black Out. I was hoping it would keep it's color-changing ability, but no luck. I still think it's gorgeous though. It dried semi-matte, like the Claire's, as you can see in the first picture. In the picture below, I added a glossy top coat to my middle & pinky fingers.

Here it is in the shade with alternating glossy and matte finishes again. It ended up being so shiny that I can see myself holding the camera in my nail!

I certainly don't have anything comparable in my collection, but I'm sure some of you ladies do. Does this look like a dupe for anything you own?

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  1. That's pretty!! I definitely don't own anything like it in my stash.
    Bummer that it doesn't change color no more though.

    P.S. Congrats on making the top 50 nail blog thingy!!

  2. I really like this! Too bad it doesn't still change color.

  3. Oh that's really pretty...Such a deep and vibrant teal, not sure I have a dupe but it reminds me of pictures of RBL Teal.
    Too bad it doesn't change...Would be interesting to see what color it would shift to if it did!

  4. This one reminds me a little OPI ski teal we drop.
    It's a pity that mood effect is not stayed in this franken :)

  5. This color is beautiful! Do you paint your own nails? If so I am very impressed, mine never look this nice when I paint them.

  6. It looks a lot like my American Apparel's 'Peacock'!!


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