Orly It's Not Rocket Science & Spiders (Real & Nail Art)

This is three coats & I might have needed a fourth. Maybe I'll layer it next time. Orly It's Not Rocket Science is definitely a new favorite polish! The first picture is in full sun and the next two in the shade.

This amazing spider set up a web right outside my back door and I had to get some pictures.

I decided to use my smART Nails spider stencils. I used Sation Midtown Haze for the spiders. It's a jelly polish so the sparkle of the base polish shows through. Cool effect!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Orly is very beautiful and suits you! But the spider is very scary. I'm scared! :)

  2. I passed on this shade as the Orly cosmics do take at least 3 coats. I purchased ChG Zombie Zest instead. That's a big spider...ick!

  3. That is one HUGE spider! Adrk.. But I like the spiders on your nails :)

  4. I have to say that is quite possibly the coolest spider I have ever seen! The nails rock too!

  5. What kind of spider is it? I'd be terrified! Great nails!

  6. OMG this can't be a real spider!!! *brrr*
    And I like this polish, but I have the China Glaze one, Zombie Zest! Great polish!!

    But this spider.... *urgh*

  7. Yikes! That spider is huge! Okay, what kind is it? Interesting how it has changed its web thread coloring on part of its web. I certainly hope you don't find those spiders inside your home or shoes or anything.

  8. The nail art is well done, but that spider terrifies me!


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