Color Club Covered In Diamonds

Here we have Color Club Covered In Diamonds over 3 different polishes. Definitely not for wearing alone but it's a very interesting and unique top coat. Pictured above is Strange Beautiful Cinder Block.
Next we have Covered In diamonds over this franken from a few weeks ago. One coat on my pointer & middle fingers and 2 coats on the other fingers.

Last we have 2 coats over my latest franken from my last post. The second picture was taken in the shade.

This polish is made of pieces of super thin plastic or mylar. It's a little difficult to get the pieces to lie flat but you can do it with a bit of extra effort and a thick topcoat. Fun for occasional use.

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  1. I feel strangely compelled to the love it over the franken in the middle. I wouldn't have thought to pair Covered in Diamonds with a golden olive color, but it's beautiful and unique.

  2. That Color Club is interesting. I think about another colors over which could be layered this diamond :)

  3. I haven't tried mine yet. I am slightly dreading it, as I don't know what to wear it with!

  4. I am immensely impressed that you made the effort to get it to lay flat. Mine made me crazy with how thick it was and how much it stuck up.

  5. I love it over the blue! Too bad it doesn't play well...

  6. Those little pieces can be a PITA, but they are sooo worth it! :)

  7. I love this topcoat!!! It's funky and fun and reminds me of fake snow haha


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