Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau & Born Pretty Rhinestones

This is 3 coats of the lovely Take Me To Your Chateau. Nice formula with no clean up.

The next day I used some of the rhinestones given to me by Born Pretty to try out. No complaints! Nice colors & easy to use packaging.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Born Pretty!


  1. Lovely color!
    I like these rhinestones, I picked the starshaped once :) Still have to try them out though...

  2. That colour is amazing. The rhinestones are a good size too. I always seem to get ones that are too small XD

  3. I have this shade! It's the only creme shade I really liked from Color Club so far.

  4. I love it! I like the rhinestones, too. I´ve been using them a lot, lately, specially because here is Carnival: nails and make up must be full of colors and originality


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