Red & White Striped Nail Art

My friend Carla-Rose organized a Girly Swap recently and I came home with this great Bebe shirt. She invited dozens of women to bring their unwanted clothes to her house, served us champagne and homemade cupckaes and then let us all go through each others things. So fun! All of the leftovers went to a local charity. Thanks again Carla-Rose!!
This shirt made me so happy that I decided to do my nails to match. I used one coat of Sally Hansen White Out and then did some quick stripes with one coat of Zoya Kristi.

Have any of you ever matched your nails to a favorite piece of clothing?

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a great shirt! Love the mani you did--especially the way your hands don't match each other--gives the stripes on the one more impact, I think.

  2. so pretty. your nails really tie the outfit together!

  3. I love the red on one hand and stripes on the other!

  4. cute top indeed!

    When I`m at work I love it when my nailpolish is totally a mismatch :S It`s fun to see people reactions. But in weekends or festive days I always try to tone it down to my outfir indeed.

  5. I sometimes match my nails. This is a nice one!!

  6. That´s a great idea. I haven´t done it, yet, but surely will try. It´s cute!

  7. Very cute top and cute nails. I like matching my nails to some colour in my red nails and red earrings or a blue nailpolish with a bright blue cardigan. But mostly I just try to avoid a complete mismatch in colours.


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