Big Ruby Nail Tattoo Review & How-To

I won the whole collection of Big Ruby Nail Tattoos from Vampy Varnish & I love them!!! I've already done a manicure with them before which can be seen in this post.

I'd painted my nails the day before with Essie Absolutely Shore. You definitely want your polish to be fully dry before applying one of the tattoos. 
Each set comes with instructions.
It's so hard to choose from all of Big Ruby's cool designs, but I finally decided on a few tattoos form the Sea collection. Simply cut out the tattoos you want to use.
 Then peel off the protective film.
Place the design face down on your nail. I marked the location of the design on the back to help me with placement.
Then just press a wet rag on the tattoo for 10-15 seconds.
 Peel of the paper and you're already almost finished!
Big Ruby formulated a top coat to work particularly well with their nail tattoos. It's a great glossy topcoat that dries fast.
I did discover that the yellow shell didn't show up well over the another pastel. I was pretty sure that it wouldn't but I wanted to try for this how-to post. I tried another yellow shell over a darker color and it showed up perfectly.
Gorgeous except for my mistake with the low contrast between the yellow shell & the pale green!
I think these are so much fun and pretty much fool proof!

Thanks for reading!


  1. these look so delicate and pretty on you ! congrats on the winning!

  2. Congratulations!

    Very cute! I never heard of this system before, but it looks good! Thank you for showing this.

  3. Congrats! That is an awesome win! Those look so fun!


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