Essie Absolutely Shore

This is 3 coats of the lovely Essie Absolutely Shore from their Summer 2011 collection. It's a very pale sea foam green creme. Not stark or chalky like some pastels, but very soft.
Pastel cremes are almost always a bit tricky. This one was better than most but still bit difficult compared to your average polish. It's streaky for the first two coats, but evened out by the third. I'm a big fan of large brushes since my nails are so wide, so the Essie brush always seems tiny to me. That is definitely just a personal preference though. I know lots of you hate wide brushes!
Overall a pretty polish that is definitely staying in my stash.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I think the color is very nice. I thought it would be too light, but it is not. It is very sweet looking on your nails.

  2. color is nice on you. ehh i don't like the formulas of pastels. I'm not good at applying them

  3. i like this on you. pastels are such a pain

  4. YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY! Congratulations, April! I will be in contact through e-mail!

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  5. This polish looks gorgeous on you! I keep waffling on it because 3 coats is standard for pastels, yes, but also a huge pain. Essie's dry slowly on me too. *ponders*


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