American Apparel The Valley & Color Club Covered In Diamonds

This is 2 coats of American Apparel The Valley. I love American Apparel polishes & this one is no exception. Easy application & pretty color.
I added one coat of the lovely but slightly troublesome Color Club Covered In Diamonds. I think it's worth the extra time it takes to apply this unique polish. You just have to work a bit to get the mylar pieces to lay flat. An extra thick topcoat helps out too! Such a pretty winter combination.
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  1. I love stark blues! How do you think this compares to ChG for Audrey or maybe ORLY frisky/gumdrop?
    I love it when you find a unique light blue and then it's like....awesome

  2. It's more blue than For Audrey I don't have the Orly's though.

  3. Great color! I didn't know they had new cremes in their lineup.


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