Cool Friends With Lovely Nails; Three Generations of Stylish Women

This will be the first in an occasional series showcasing some of the stylish folks in my world with fabulous nails. First up we have the amazing Carla-Rose. She's got a unique sense of style & a potty mouth that always entertains. Carla Rose is one of those ladies that always looks effortlessly fabulous!

 Some fun facts about Carla-Rose!
  • What polish are you wearing right now? OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, topped with Nubar 2010. This flakie is my new favorite! I can't wait to wear Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers for the holidays!
  • How many polishes do you own? About fifteen colors. Up until a couple of years ago, my collection consisted mostly of near blacks. I've since broadened my color horizon.
  • What is your favorite polish of all time? My Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Girl Flower and Frock Star definitely generated the most attention.
  • How would you classify your personal style? Sweet yet dangerous.
  • Do you prefer fall & winter or spring & summer clothes? Fall clothing is too brown and winter clothing is too itchy. Goldilocks says, spring and summer clothing is just right.
  • What are your favorite Christmas songs? I like to pretend I hate Christmas Songs, but you'll always catch me singing along. George Michael's Last Christmas (secretly!), The Pogues Fairytale in NewYork, Sloppy Seconds Lonely Christmas, and New Kids on the Block Merry, Merry Christmas album still kicks ass (shut up!).
  • What's the weirdest gift you've ever received? A Hello Kitty vibrator imported from Japan.
  • What's your idea of a fun job? I want to meet the people who name nail polishes for a living (specifically OPI's). They never seem to run out of brilliant names!
  • Can you pick things up with your toes? Yes! Monkey toes! And I use them often when I'm feeling too lazy to bend over.

Carla isn't the only member of her family that loves fun polish. Here's a shot of her lovely mother Linda wearing Essie Lapis of Luxury that just happens to match her coffee cup.
Some fun facts about Linda!
  • What polish are you wearing right now? Live From NY it's OPI on my toes.
  • How many polishes do you own? About 20, mostly different shades of brown and orange. I'm drawn to fall colors; I'm not a pink girl.
  • What is your favorite polish of all time? Live From NY it's OPI.
  • How would you classify your personal style? Business casual hippie.
  • Do you prefer fall & winter or spring & summer clothes? Fall & winter.
  • What are your favorite Christmas songs? Baby it's Cold Outside, Marshmallow World, Winter Wonderland, War is Over, and I'll be Home for Christmas.
  • What's the weirdest gift you've ever received? A secret Santa at work left me a Madonna and child lamp. It came with a note that read, "Jesus loves you"...and it wasn't even Christmas time.
  • What's your idea of a fun job? My current job (dietary manager of hospital). But the most fun job I've ever had was working as a barista. I loved the creativity and customer service aspect of working in a coffee bar.
  • Can you pick things up with your toes? Yeah!
Linda's thoughts about her nails and her wonderful mother!
The Beauty and Fashion Bug skipped me in my family's gene pool. My sweet mom and beautiful daughter were infected by it though. I did however inherit the love for pretty nails and beautiful nail colors! My dilemma is that I work in the Healthcare Foodservice industry and it is difficult to have beautiful, pretty fingernails due to policy and health codes. But when I am on vacation and sometimes on weekends, I love to have a manicure or just paint my nails up pretty. It always makes me feel so fancy! Even though I can't always have pretty fingernails, there is always color on my toes! And that gives me pleasure.

My mom, Bessie, was an amazing woman. Beautiful, kind, giving and never missed an opportunity to feed someone, even strangers. I like to think I got my cooking talent from her! She was never without color on her fingernails. She always had beautiful nails too. So shaped and pretty. Mom loved the deep reds, raspberries and shiny, shiny bright reds. As she got older she started loving the colors that her granddaughter, Carla-Rose would wear. Greens, blues, purples, sparkles. I remember one night a conversation mom had with her sister while she was painting her nails bright blue. Her sister commented; "...good grief, Bessie. I think you are just trying to keep up with your granddaughter. Aren't you a little old for that?" Mom responded with her usual; "...age is just a number, you're as young as you feel!" Those words are forever with me and my daughter.
Never feel like you can't wear colors that make you feel good and happy. The night before my mom transcended this earth she had said she wanted her nails painted and picked out the color and sat it on her night stand. I was going to help her paint them but she fell asleep early, never to awaken again. But the first thing we did was paint her nails for her going away celebration. She left home that next day with Avon Teal Wing N, which were the most vibrant, beautiful peacock colored nails ever! That memory holds a special place in our hearts forever as having beautiful nails was so important to Bessie!  
The gorgeous, Bessie, Carla-Rose's grandmother & Linda's mother.

I hope my readers enjoy this post about some remarkable ladies and their nails! As always thanks for reading!


  1. April, what a cool idea! I love this. Look at how gorgeous Bessie was, what a great legacy she left for her daughter and granddaughter. I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. adorable post, your lucky to have such interesting and sweet people in your life.

  3. Wow... love this! So cool! Thanks for sharing your friends with us! :) <3 ~Ruthie


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