Bumblebee Nails With Zoya Pixie Dusts!

I'm often in a hurry like so many of us these days & sometimes I just need to make a snap decision about what to do with my nails & go for it. My bumblebee nails were based on one of those quick decisions & I can't believe how much I love the results!
I always paint my nails using a new color (yes it's been months, possibly over a year, since I've started with a polish already in my collection...) & then try to do some nail art on that color the next day. I started with Zoya Solange & then added some thick stripes of Zoya Dahlia. Instant fuzzy bumblebee nails! (Although I suppose flocking powder would really create the ultimate fuzzy bumblebee manicure.) 
Just for fun, here's an adorable infographic explaining why bees love hexagons so much.
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