Iron Man Nails!

I love comic books, graphic novels, & all things superhero. My dad, Ashley, & I all went to see Iron Man 3 this afternoon at the IMAX theater. It was lots of fun & Ashley suggested that I do my some Iron Man nails. I think they turned out pretty good!

I used two polishes from Zoya's Irresistible collection of super light reflecting foils which are perfect for superhero nails! I used Zoya Hazel for his eyes & the arc reactor & Zoya Kerry for his face. Sadly I passed Zoya Kym onto a friend years ago back when I didn't like red polish; it would have been perfect. I used Sally Hansen nail art pens in red & black for the rest. I can't get over how amazing Zoya Kerry is, look at that glow! (This is my First ever GIF! I used GIFninja, recommended to me by Lifehacker.)
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