Incoco Park Guell

Incoco Nail Strips are made of real nail polish & include a layer of base & top coat. The packaging is very nice & you have 16 strips to work with to get your full manicure. Their instructions are very clear & work great if followed. (I didn't buff my nail the first time I tried & a tiny imperfection resulted in a tear. I blame this on me not following instructions & not the product!)

I'm really not the target market for nail polish strips since I change my nails several times a week & these are made to last up to 2 weeks. I have to say these, however, these Incoco strips are pretty amazing & will be a truly fantastic for ladies who want nail art but don't have the patience or the time for creating it themselves.
In this post I'm wearing Incoco Park Guell. I chose this set because I could never achieve this look on my own. The first couple of fingers went a bit slow but after I got the hang of it, I really couldn't believe how quickly I had finished.And no waiting for them to dry! I could leave the house or do chores immediately, This is a huge plus for me! In fact I like this aspect so much that I'm thinking of purchasing more just for those days when I really need spectacular nails in a hurry.
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Overall, I can't say enough good things about a product that I just didn't think was for me. I was wrong. I ended up wearing these for 4 days which is a long time for me & they still looked great. Removal is comparable to a couple of coats of a jelly polish, super easy! I've got my eye on this plaid for future purchase!

Update: When I posted this, I had planned on removing them later that day. I ended up not feeling well at all for a few days. This means I wore these for a full 8 days! I never keep the same manicure for that long & they still looked fantastic when I finally removed them. I think they really could last for 2 full weeks! I'm a complete convert & will be buying a few sets for busy weeks & for vacations!

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